Consumers love technology. We love the “pick & shovels” that make up the technology. It’s a simple strategy of investing in the integral components, that when pulled together, create the digital magic.

With a long history in patent acquisition and management, Outlander continues to look for opportunities in technology that may seem fringe now, but could be the new standard in the not too distant future.

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Common Objects

In short, Common Objects makes the robotics industry more accessible, broadens its potential use-case, and makes the application of robotics more financially feasible. Common Objects' software implementation platform allows for the operator control of robots to be accomplished, eliminating one-site use or the heavy load and expense of fully autonomous development. Yes, it is very complicated, but also very cool.


Outlander has extensive experience with the formation and administration of patent pools. We capitalize on relationships with existing patent pools by acquiring royalty streams from pool contributors, and, where possible, enforcement rights. Management possesses vast experience and the deep industry contacts necessary for deal flow, as well as the legal and technical expertise to conduct sound value assessments.

In addition, we are assisted by Dr. Seung-ho Ahn, former VP of Intellectual Property for Samsung as well as Marconi Group, run by Kasim Alfalahi, former Chief Intellectual Property Officer for Ericsson. Thus, the Fund is well-positioned to learn of patent acquisition and licensing opportunities and has extensive experience managing those opportunities.

Investment Strategy

Outlander deploys the legal expertise, business acumen, and marketing know-how of its team to identify patent portfolios and technology companies that have a high likelihood of future growth.

Outlander’s deep connections in the patent world give it access to deals that would otherwise be unobtainable, and its team is skilled at evaluating the quality of portfolios for licensing. Moreover, its connections with the top patent licensing companies in the world make the portfolios easier to monetize once acquired.

Outlander also invests in early-stage technology companies that have high-quality intellectual property and strong potential for commercial success. Outlander takes a holistic and selective approach to evaluating these investments, ensuring that it can add value for the company through relationships and expertise.