We are still in the primordial ooze stage of blockchain, filled with various ideas and new twists on the underlying technology. And similar to the early days of the internet, some will make it and some won’t.

Our belief is that regardless of the creative wrapper or utility around these ideas, the digital wallet is at the center of all the activity. It will be the new encrypted identifier for our digital selves.

This has influenced our strategy by not only investing in consultancies to help blue-chip brands migrate into Web3 but also developing our own wallet product that is easy to onboard, easy to use, and makes all of your collectibles look like a million bucks.

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Zelus Wallet

We struggled to find a capable crypto and NFT wallet with an intuitive interface - so we made one. For beginners and experts alike, it’s a Crypto Wallet For Everyone. 

Our core tenet is to make it as easy and frictionless as possible for the 99% of people to create and use a digital wallet. Users are able to create a Zelus Wallet and receive their first digital collectible in about one minute. This is a huge advantage for brands or sponsors at live events to help fans jump into the Web3 waters without drowning in tech jargon. 

Zelus Consultancy

Zelus’s consultancy arm applies Web3 knowledge to brands, properties and special projects. A combination of project management, technical expertise and promotion bring an NFT project to life. Zelus will set the roadmap for how a project will enter the Web3 space and hold your virtual hand along the way. 


B:B is a creative crypto lab that has quickly built legitimacy across all corners of the crypto and NFT ecosystem. Their studio includes resident artists, crypto thinkers and technologists that equally love building and destroying things in the pursuit of truly new frontiers in the world of decentralization and Web3.

Investment Strategy

Blockchain technology revolutionizes the way that assets are owned and traded. Outlander is building technology to facilitate this change, including a digital wallet to hold and trade assets stored on the blockchain, and a tokenized asset marketplace that facilitates easy purchase and sale of real-world assets via the blockchain.

Outlander’s combination of legal and technical expertise is key to bridge the gap between the blockchain and real-world rights.