The legacy structure where a few companies create and control the majority of entertainment erodes daily. Blockchain is leading us towards more of an Ownership Economy, giving both creators and fans a more direct way to support one another.

We are looking at unconventional ways to finance projects ranging from studio films and OTT series. As well as modeling a better way to deliver the #1 most consumed form of digital content - comedy.

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Stampede Ventures

Stampede Ventures is a premiere entertainment company sitting at the intersection of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Stampede’s primary focus is on creating next generation blockbuster franchises across: Film, TV, Alternative and International. Their leadership team includes industry luminaries like Greg Silverman, Gideon Yu, Jaeson Ma and Jon Berg. Stampede has 150+ development projects with major studios, broadcast networks and OTT platforms.


A strategic partnership between Zelus and Stampede that is building in the space between traditional entertainment and innovative brand integrations, Web3 technologies or entirely new IP/products developed for the film. The goal is to create new ways for our partners to cultivate passion and fandom for their property throughout the entire production cycle and to always - Make a Scene.


VMG caters to luxury and higher-end brands looking to align talent and IP with their consumers' passions. VMG's emphasis is on crafting extraordinary experiential events that bring a brand's aura to life, and creating authentic collaborations with celebrity personalities and relevant brand partners to generate maximum cultural impact.

Investment Strategy

Outlander leverages its top-tier team of creative and marketing professionals to invest in the entertainment space. Outlander has invested in companies that seek to modernize the way media content is monetized, including a film studio that seeks to invest in the products promoted in its content. Moreover, Outlander is drawing from its crypto expertise to explore ways in which films can be paired with digital collectibles or have ownership tokenized.